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Finding the best espresso machine under $300 is a not easy!

When talking about espresso machines, you can spend thousands of dollars for something with near professional level performance or as little as a hundred dollars just to get your basic cappuccino fix.In between are lots of gadgets like the De’Longhi Dedica.

Best Espresso Machine Under $300 in 2020

best espresso machine under 300

The De’Longhi EC680M Dedica: Best Espresso Machine Under $300

Best Espresso Machine Under $300
De’Longhi EC680M

Though it’s not as powerful as Pro models, it definitely pulls better shots of espresso and is more reliable then other cheap espresso machines.

The Dedica is compact yet has sleek and attractive styling which almost makes you feel like a real barista when you use it. There is a nifty cup warmer on top of the machine. The portafilter on this machine is great for pulling single and double shots. Moreover, the steam wand on the De’Longhi EC680M Dedica makes it extremely simple to froth milk. The Dedica also pull shots automatically so that you don’t have to worry about stopping the water flow manually.
Best Espresso Machine Under $300 in 2020
Best Espresso Machine Under $300: Milk Frothing

With more sensitive temperature control, the machine is also capable of reliably pulling pretty good shots and even can handle finer grounds better then less expensive espresso makers.
Best Espresso Machine Under $300
Best Espresso Machine Under $300: Display

The downside that this espresso machine has is the brew head and portafilter mechanism. When working with the brew head, be careful using the Dedica when attaching the portafilter to the brew head. It’s a little tricky to manipulate and many customers have had times when they accidentally pressed one of the blue buttons while twisting the portafilter into place. That would pretty much ruin the shot, forcing you to start from scratch. The machine will get clogged too by very fine grounds, so don’t expect mind-blowing taste from a light roast.

For three hundred dollars you can buy a top of the line drip brewer from Technova from Bonavita and others. But if you’re really hooked on espresso, the Dedica offers performance that’s a cut above budget models.

Best Espresso Machine Under $300
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