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Finding the right espresso machine for the right price is difficult!

That is why I created this post! The DeLonghi EC155 is best espresso machine under $100. It is the #1 bestseller on Amazon in the espresso department. There is more…

Best Espresso Machine Under $100 in 2020

best espresso machine under 100

The DeLonghi EC155: Review

best espresso machine under 100
Best espresso machine under $100: DeLonghi EC155

There is no doubt that the Delonghi EC155 is the best espresso machine under $100. Low price and quality features make the EC155 15 Bar Pup espresso and cappuccino maker the perfect machine for quality, tasty beverages.

Many users claim that the EC155 brews the thickest, richest and longest foams in a home espresso machine. This means that every shot you make will be extraordinarily delicious. The DeLonghi EC155 features one and two-shot serving options that also supports espresso pods for those who want a quick fix without the hassle. The three-in-one filter holder allows you brew whatever you or your guests are craving at the moment.
best espresso machine under 100
Best espresso machine under $100: Display

This 15-Bar pump espresso machine gives you more than enough power to pump out shots quickly and without hassle. Bar pumps on espresso machines are vital when drawing out the full flavor in your espresso. You won’t find this on any similarly priced units on the market. Using a stainless steel boiler with dual thermostats, your resulting espressos and cappuccinos will in no doubt come out in optimal temperature each and every time. The 1,100 Watts of power energize the Jet Frother which in result gives you the option to make lattes of any kind. The 35 ounce water tank, as well as a drip tray, are removable when it come to cleaning.
best espresso machine under 100
Best espresso machine under $100: Milk Frother

Some of the great features offered by the best espresso machine under $100 include:

  • Filter Holder. Whether you want to use an espresso pod or use homemade ground espresso, the filter holder provides you with the power to do both.
  • Self-Priming Preparation. With the self-priming preparation feauture, you do not have to go through any of the pre-brewing hassle and preparations.
  • Rotating Jet Frother. Not only does the DeLonghi give you the richest, thickest froth out there, but the frother also has the ability to rotate in a full range of motion.
  • Two Thermostats for Steam and Water Pressure Control. Since there are two filter holders, you need two thermostats. This is something that many of the competing espresso machines under $100 lack. This allows you to change between temperatures more easily.


best espresso machine under 100
Best espresso machine under $100: EC155

In conclusion, the De’Longhi EC155 consistently pulls great espresso with just a few drawbacks as expected for a $100 espresso machine. This machine is especially great for first time espresso machine buyers with a low budget. However, if you want coffee-shop drinks likes Lattes, then this isn’t the best option. Cleaning is a hassle, and there are a few design features that are a bit annoying. Overall, this espresso machine is the best bang for your buck and you will be very well pleased with each espresso shot that you pull out of this best espresso machine under $100.
best espresso machine under 100
Best espresso machine under $100: DeLonghi EC155


  • Good Shots
  • Strong Milk Frother
  • Built-in Tamper
  • 15-Bar Pressure
  • Stainless Steel Boiler
  • Dual Thermostat
  • Self-Priming
  • Affordable


  • Filter Basket Issues
  • Messy cleanup
  • Loses Pressure after 12-14 months

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