2020 Best Affordable Espresso Machine

I hope you can agree with me when I say

Finding the best affordable espresso machine is not easy.

As a result, I’ve compiled this post of the best affordable espresso machine in 2020. Money Magazine named this machine the top home espresso machine that makes the perfect espresso. And the reason why it does that is three key components: temperature stability, water distribution, and brew pressure. Introducing, the Gaggia Classic!

Best Affordable Espresso Machine in 2020

The Gaggia Classic: Review

Best Affordable Espresso Machine: Gaggia Classic

Appearance wise, the Classic has very good housing, stainless steel, very heavy duty. On the front of the machine, there are three switches that make this machine very easy to operate. There is the main power switch, the steam switch and a brew switch. The brew switch operates the pump, turns it on and off to start and stop the brewing process. On the right side the steam knob controls the hot water or the steam that comes through the steam wand.
Best Affordable Espresso Machine: Steam Wand

The drip tray is accessible from the front of the machine and can easily be removed in order to be drained. The removable water reservoir can be filled from the top of the machine and it has space for 72 ounces of liquid. When purchasing this affordable espresso machine, you’re going to get three filter baskets. One for a single shot, one for a double shot, and one that’s able to do pods.
Best Affordable Espresso Machine: Reservoir

The brew group and the portafilter are top notch. The brew group is what fits up inside of the machine and the portafilter locks right into it. Both the brew group and the portafilter are chrome plated brass and are commercial sized and commercial weight. The pumps inside this espresso machine create somewhere between 15 to 17 bar of pressure. So the brewing is at the same pressure as a commercial machine. Moving on to the boiler. The boiler contains a very high wattage heating element. There are two heating elements, both embedded into the aluminum on the boiler. You have one on either side, and it heats up very quickly to brew temperature and to steam temperature.
Best Affordable Espresso Machine: Group Head

To operate this machine is quite simple. Of course you need to grind your coffee with a separate grinder (not included with the Classic). Now one of the good things about the Gaggia Classic is it only takes about five minutes for it to heat up to optimal temperature. To get to the steaming function working at optimal temperature is only about twenty seconds. The reason for that is because of the two heating elements on the boiler. To make your espresso shot, just place the coffee grinds into the portafilter and attach it to the brew head. And with a push of a button, you’ll have your freshly made espresso shot within few minutes.
Best Affordable Espresso Machine: Espresso

Overall, the Gaggia Classic a great choice for beginners. This best affordable espresso machine is well suited for those who are looking to start their espresso journey. The well built design allows this Classic to work like a charm. The water heats up really fast with this espresso machine. The portafilter is chrome plated brass. The espresso machine itself feels nice and heavy. Lacking fancy electronics, the Gaggia Classic is a espresso machine that can last over a decade. Simply put, the Gaggia Class is the best affordable espresso machine and an excellent product that consistently makes good espresso.
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