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Coffee is King

If you are browsing CaffeineGuide, then you must clearly be a coffee addict. Guess what, so are
we! We love coffee. If it wasn’t for coffee, human civilization would not be where it is today. Every morning when I wake up, I rush downstairs to my coffee maker and engage the mechanism so that by the time I finish brushing my teeth, my coffee would be hot and ready. Yes, it’s a bit counterintuitive to brush my teeth right before I consume some dark roast coffee, but I don’t care! Coffee is King!


Our Goal

CaffeineGuide‘s main focus is to provide vast amounts of information to the reader in an unbiased manner. Most of the product reviews on the CaffeineGuide have been personally tested by our group of coffee addict specialist. Moreover, each product review on CaffeineGuide has been thoroughly researched in order to provide you with confidence in your purchase of a coffee maker machine. We would not include any products on our website that we believe is not worth every penny spent. In other words, you can without a doubt have faith that the caffeine product that you purchase is completely satisfactory.

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